GTabs artists


Anthony Purdy

Age: 51

Country: United Kingdom

Skills: playing guitar whole life



Tommaso Lotti

Age: 23

Country: Italy

Student: Medicine and Surgery student

Skills: plays guitar for 9 years, fingerstyle for 3 years

YOUTUBE: 600.000+ views


Steve Lee

Age: 19

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

Hobbies: playing guitar, making YouTube videos, reading, playing video games

Skills: plays guitar for 6 years, fingerstyle guitar for 5 years

YouTube: 600.000+ views


Vadim Kobal

Age: 17

Country: Latvia

City: Rezekne

Hobbies: playing guitar, reading, go out with friends, volleyball

Skills: plays guitar for 3 years and fingerstyle for 2 years.

YOUTUBE: 50.000+ views

Vida Adrian

Age: 17

Country: Romania

City: Satu Mare

Skills: plays guitar(with strumming) for 6 months and fingerstyle for 1.5 years

YOUTUBE: 280.000+ views


Kathleen Bancud Alpurado

Age: 20

Hobbies: playing guitar, cards, board games, hanging out with friends

Skills: plays guitar for 6,5 years, fingerstyle guitar for 6 years

YouTube: 70.000+ views