Watch: 16-Year-Old Metalhead Gets a Guitar for Birthday From His Deceased Dad

A video of a teenage metal fan named Johnny Crow receiving a gift from his recently-departed father has gone viral.

Johnny’s father John Crow died of a heart attacked at the age of 49 this April, with his son in the room performing CPR at the time of death.

But before he died, John prepared a special gift for his son’s 16 birthday – a guitar.

The video of Johnny receiving the instrument at a music store has received over 10 million views since and even got the attention of Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss, who arranged backstage passes for the young man.

She said via Reddit:

“I watched this video a bunch of times earlier today before I even knew he was coming to a show, and sent it to a bunch of guitar player friends… such an amazing moment!! Can’t wait to meet John and the family!! <3”

Additionally, the store owner noted in the same thread:

“His Dad bought him this guitar in February and we held it here for his birthday. His Dad passed away unexpectedly in April. His Dad was a really nice guy. Yesterday was the young man’s 16th birthday. It was a really emotional day for all of us.”

The online community didn’t just sit and watch, as over $16,000 in donations was gathered for Johnny.

Finally, Johnny himself told The Times Herald:

“I was definitely overjoyed that my father gave me one last thing to remember him by. I know a lot of kids don’t get that.”

And him receiving it. ��

Опубликовано Chandler Mae Crow 7 июня 2017 г.

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